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Photos of the Churchdown field

Margaret emailed through a couple of photos of the field at the end of Parkside Drive as requested at the last meeting.

These were taken on 30th November 2009.

We know the field has often had far more water than this, if anyone has any more photos especially ones that show more water in the field please email them through and they will be added to the website.

Churchdown water logged field Churchdown water logged field

Jules emailed some photos of the flooding on Parkside Drive after only a couple of hours of rainfall. This clearly shows the high water table in the area.

Parkside Drive Churchdown flooding Parkside Drive Churchdown flooding Parkside Drive Churchdown flooding

Tony emailed a photo of the site where houses are to built north of Churchdown. You can see how water logged the area is:

North Churchdown Flooding

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