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The Proposed Main Modifications have now been agreed by all three JCS authorities. The consultation will be published for a six week public consultation between Monday 27th February and Monday 10th April 2017.

All consultation documentation will be made available on the JCS website, as well as all local libraries and each of the Council receptions.

The consultation will be supplemented by several public consultation events. Details of these will be made available shortly.

Here is a link to the main modification documents: JCS Proposed Main Modifications

In regards to the South Churchdown development the document has been updated with the following text:

POLICY A3 ‐ South Churchdown

The Strategic Allocation identified at South Churchdown (as shown on Proposals Map Plan A3) will be expected to deliver:

i. Approximately 1,100 new homes.

ii. Approximately 17 hectares of employment generating land.

iii. Provision of an appropriate scale of retail, healthcare and community facilities to meet the needs of the new community.

iv. Contribution to primary and secondary education schools and facilities

v. A green infrastructure network of approximately 50 hectares, including protection and enhancement of visual linkages from Tinker’s Hill and Churchdown through to Innsworth Ditch, and the safeguarding of Pirton Brake ancient woodland and buffer strip along the railway line. Habitat creation and management should complement the reserve at Horsbere flood management scheme to the immediate south of the Railway line.

vi. A landscape buffer along the route of the A40 and the railway line including the protection of views from Tinkers Hill/Churchdown Hill.

vii. Protection to key biodiversity assets, including Innsworth Ditch and the safeguarding of the ponds and associated biodiversity at Pirton Court.

viii. Adequate flood risk management across the site and ensure that all vulnerable development is located wholly within flood zone 1.

ix. A layout and form of development that respects the landscape character and separation of the villages Churchdown, Innsworth, Longlevens and Elmbridge.

x. A layout and form of development that respects the character and setting of Pirton Farmhouse and Barn.

xi. A layout and form that reduces the impact of electricity pylons and high voltage lines; with the siting of residential development being a particular consideration.

xii. Primary vehicle accesses from B4063 Cheltenham Road East and Pirton Lane and explore the potential for a new access junction to the site from the A40.

xiii. Measures necessary to mitigate the traffic impact of the site, including the use of travel plans to encourage the use of more sustainable transport modes.

xiv. High quality public transport facilities and connections within and adjacent to the site

xv. Safe, easy and convenient pedestrian and cycle links within the site and to key centres, providing segregated links where practical. This should include enhancement of Sustrans Route 41 to extend the route through the site.

xvi. Safeguard land for an extension to the planned park and ride facility at Elmbridge.

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