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Blog > Joint Core Strategy > 'Preferred options' delay

I just discovered an update on the Joint Core Strategy website regarding the 'Preferred options' public consultation.

It was meant to take place in the summer of 2012 but has now been delayed to later in 2012. This is due to the large number of consultation responses the JCS team has received. It must be taking them longer than they anticipated to process all the responses.

In one way l think this is a good thing because it means a lot more people have responded than they anticipated. Lets just hope it doesn't delay the preferred options consultation too long as l am eager to find out what the preferred option is going to be!

More information can be found through the following link: Joint Core Strategy Timetable

I also found another article with simliar information on the This is Gloucestershire website: Survey reveals opposition to county house-building plans

One interesting part of the above article is the following: "Of the 851 people who responded to the internet survey, a massive 81 per cent said they favoured scenario A - limiting new homebuilding to inside urban areas and a small part of rural Tewkesbury borough."

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