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Below is a document detailing the Inspector's Interim Report on the Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Joint Core Strategy.

Here is the full document: View Document

A summary of what this report is about:

"Throughout the three stages of hearings between May 2015 and April 2016, the JCS team have agreed to many changes to the JCS, which they intend to put to Council Members in due course. Whilst the general thrust of many main modifications has been agreed in principle, for most of them the exact wording is yet to be put forward. Moreover, there are still a number of outstanding matters which require my further consideration and, where appropriate, recommendations for modifications.

This interim report (IR) deals with those outstanding matters and, at the request of the JCS team, recommends additional strategic allocations to meet the identified housing requirements of the JCS area. In general, I have not covered those proposed main modifications that have already been agreed during the hearing sessions, except to the extent that they usefully set the background to recommendations within this paper. All findings within this IR are preliminary and will be reviewed as necessary in the light of all information before me when completing my formal, final report to the JCS authorities.

Following receipt of this IR, the JCS team have agreed to complete the drafting of all main modifications, including those which have already been agreed and those which flow from this report. This wording will be discussed at the forthcoming main modifications hearings commencing on 21 July 2016. Main modifications should include updates on Strategic Allocations Policies2, and updated evidence should be provided on infrastructure needs for the initial 5 years3 and on the Infrastructure Delivery Position Statements4 to cover my recommendations on strategic allocations.

Thereafter, I understand that the JCS team will seek member approval for the finalised list of main modifications, which will then go out to public consultation for a minimum six week period. The JCS team are now invited to provide a suggested programme with time scales going forward for the remainder of the examination."

A few points concerning Churchdown:

64. For the reasons set out in my Preliminary Findings I am minded to find that, with the exception of North Churchdown, the proposed strategic allocations are sound, subject to reductions in the extent of development at North West Cheltenham and Leckhampton. In reaching these conclusions, I have considered all additional evidence submitted subsequent to my Preliminary Findings.

68. Excluding North Churchdown, Gloucester’s urban extensions (all within Tewkesbury) are said to provide 3,618 dwellings, made up from Innsworth (1,250) South Churchdown (868) and North Brockworth (1,500). This leaves another 3,037 (6,655 – 3,618) dwellings to find.

69. The planning application for Innsworth is for an additional 50 dwellings (1,300 dwellings) and the numbers for South Churchdown have increased by an additional 232 (to 1,100). These additional 282 dwellings are said to be deliverable within the Plan period and could potentially bring the supply to 3,900 (3,618 + 282), leaving another 2,755 (6,655 – 3,900) dwellings to find.

Unfortunately it seems they are increasing the number of houses in the South Churchdown development and have also found the proposal to be sound. Although there will be another public consultation where we can have another chance to put our views across.

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