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The Joint Core Strategy team have just updated their website with some new information.

Due to the fact that over 3000 responses were received through the Developing the Preferred option part of the consultation they have decided to bring in an expert national consultancy.

The consultants will review the method used to assess future housing needs. Based on the results of that review they will make recommendations for the number of houses needed.

The deadline for this stage of the process is now September 2012. This will delay the preferred options consultation although no new date has been scheduled for this yet.

Further information on this can be found on the JCS website homepage: Joint Core Strategy Website

Below is a copy of the text from the Joint Core Strategy website since l presume it won't be on the website for ever:



More than 3,000 responses were received to the Developing the Preferred Option consultation and nearly a third of these commented on the level of housing numbers, which highlights just how important the issue is for local people.

As a result, the three councils have commissioned an expert national consultancy to review the method used to assess future housing needs, and to make housing number recommendations on the basis of that review.

Currently, that work is incomplete and no decisions regarding the consultants’ recommendations have been taken. The completed review was scheduled to be presented to the three councils in July, but to ensure that all the information is clear and the evidence robust it has been decided to postpone this until September 2012.

Naturally this will have an impact on the overall programme and although we had scheduled a consultation on the preferred options for summer 2012 followed by the pre-submission consultation in spring 2013, this will now have to be subject to review.

It is important to note that this work also addresses new Government planning rules, which require councils to objectively assess housing need, and for that housing need to be delivered through development plans – which in this case is the Joint Core Strategy.

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