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Minutes from the meeting on 9th December 2013 at the GL3 Hub in Churchdown

Below are the key points from the meeting. If anyone has any amendments or wants to add to this please let us know.

Key Points:

1. Overall number of houses is far in excess of what is needed in Gloucestershire. Population only increased by 6% in whole of Gloucestershire over the past 10 years. The JCS plans to increase housing by 24% over the next 20 years and therefore 12% over the next 10 years. This is a double what is needed for the next 10 years if the population increase continues as it has been.

2. The JCS strategy is focusing on urban extensions to provide housing. There is insufficient emphasis on building in more rural areas, for example Highnam. There should be a more balanced approach to development rather than building on green belt. It would be better to add housing to more rural areas rather than creating further urban sprawl.

3. Building on brownfield sites should be a priority. There are brown field sites around Gloucestershire, for example down Bristol road in Gloucester, that could be used for these new houses. This would clean up these areas and greatly improve them.

4. The JCS houses should be built in a phased development. Rather than the first 5 years focusing on building on the green belt and no where else. Then looking at other areas much later on.

5. Flood risk. Some local areas have flooded in the past. If you have any specific evidence please include it in your JCS response and if you have any websites please email them. See page 44 of the draft JCS document:

6. can be used to view flood map. Especially for the North Churchdown development there is a risk of flooding.

7. Some properties in Longlevens and Bamfurlong lane struggling to get house insurance due to risk of flooding. If you have any evidence of this please add it to your response to the JCS.

8. The population models they have used they made 3 years ago. Now that 3 years have passed they could look to see whether their predictions have been met and this could help to create a much more accurate model for the coming years.

9. Would be better to have smaller sustainable development containing affordable houses, houses that people could downsize to and some houses people would aspire to live in. This mix could be built in more rural areas.

10. Building in more rural areas would lead to builders having to improve local infrastructure and amenities that would help those communities.

11. The JCS contains no proposals for improving the local infrastructure and amenities. The council have said they have not looked at infrastructure and schools and won't do so until the building of these green belt developments has started.

12. The houses the JCS wants to build at north Churchdown are very close to the airport. The airport is concerned about this since they have plans to increase landings and takeoffs to 96,000 per year meaning a flight every 10 minutes. This could be very unpopular with anyone wanting to live in those new houses. It also seems strange to want to develop housing right at the end of a runway and the airport management are worried about environmental and safety issues. The airport opening times are also due to be extended and there will be more helicopter training leading to lots of helicopters hovering around and constantly landing and taking off.

13. The JCS is currently based around an economic growth model. Instead it should be balanced more with the environment as well as economic growth. We don't want to ruin Gloucestershire!

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