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Update September 2016

Mactaggart and Mickel have submitted a planning application for the Pirton Fields site (

We need as many people as possible to list their comments on the Tewkesbury planning portal. This link should take you straight to the planning application:

If that doesn't work you can also search the planning applications using the following reference through the link below 16/00738/OUT

You do need to register before you can make a comment. Only after registering and logging in will a yellow button appear allowing you to submit a comment.


Print & Distribute The Window Poster

We have created a window poster to help get the message across that we want to protect the Gloucestershire green belt. Download the Window Poster and display it in your windows and cars.

Email Tewkesbury Councillors

We need to make the Tewkesbury councillors aware how unhappy we are with the JCS scenarios and even suggest they pull out of the JCS. As it stands Tewkesbury borough is taking on Cheltenham and Gloucester housing as part of the JCS scenarios B, C and D. We need them to understand this is not what the community wants and instead we just want Tewkesbury council to look at its own housing needs and to product its own plan.

There are two ways you can send a message to Tewkesbury council:

1. Send an email to with the following text and attach a letter to the email with all your concerns:

Dear Tewkesbury Council,
Please circulate this to all Tewkesbury councillors.

2. Another option is to email the councillors yourself directly. Tewkesbury Councillors

We have merged all the councillor email addresses into one link. Click on the following link to email all the Tewkesbury Councillors: Email All Councillors

If the above link isn't working for you here is a list you can copy and paste:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Write to Tewkesbury Councillors

The address details for Tewkesbury Councillors can be found here: Councillor Addresses

Email the Joint Core Strategy team

You can also write a letter to the JCS team directly through the following email address: This is a good idea since you can just give them your thoughts on the Joint Core Strategy without having to tailor your answers to their consultation questionnaire questions.

Spread the Word

Make fellow residents of Churchdown and Gloucestershire aware of the implications of all these houses being built on our precious green belt.

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