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What can l do? (Archive 2012)

The proposals will go out for consultation in September 2013 for a minimum of six weeks and there will be displays and consultation evenings. If you wish to oppose these developments it is very important that you make your voice heard by both attending the consultation and writing to object. Each individual letter will carry more weight than a petition. Please make sure that you send in your own views as each one has to be read and noted.

Print & Distribute The Campaigning Leaflet

We have created a campaigning leaflet to help get the message across and have their say. Download the Campaigning Leaflet

Print & Distribute The Poster

We have created a poster that can be printed off and placed around the local area to bring people aware of the issues surrounding the JCS: Download the Poster

We need as many local residents as possible to be made aware of the implications of building all the housing that the JCS is trying to achieve.

Complete the JCS Questionnaire

Ask people to respond to the Joint Core Strategy consultation by completing the following Questionnaire and opting for option A:

The above questionnaire is quite daunting and the questions are in such a way as to guide you into writing the answers the JCS team want. It has therefore been suggested that instead of filling out the whole questionnaire you could do the following.

  1. Firstly complete question 1 putting all your issues with the JCS vision in the box.
  2. Secondly complete question 4 ticking the first box i.e. opting for option A.
  3. Finally attach a letter to the questionnaire with your name, address and mentioning that you want option A and add any objections/issues you have to the scenarios B/C and D. If you use this method then rather than completing the questionnaire online use a printed copy and attach your letter to it.

Email Tewkesbury Councilors

We need to make the Tewkesbury councilors aware how unhappy we are with the JCS scenarios and even suggest they pull out of the JCS. As it stands Tewkesbury borough is taking on Cheltenham and Gloucester housing as part of the JCS scenarios B, C and D. We need them to understand this is not what the community wants and instead we just want Tewkesbury council to look at its own housing needs and to product its own plan.

There are two ways you can send a message to Tewkesbury council:

1. Send an email to with the following text and attach a letter to the email with all your concerns:

Dear Tewkesbury Council,
Please circulate this to all Tewkesbury councillors.

2. Another option is to email the councillors yourself directly. Tewkesbury Councilors

We have merged all the councillor email addresses into one link. Click on the following link to email all the Tewkesbury Councillors: Email All Councillors

Help deliver leaflets

We are creating leaflets and will need volunteers to help deliver them around Churchdown. If anyone is interested in helping with this please send an email to and when we are ready to deliver we will be in touch.

Spread the Word

Make fellow residents of Churchdown aware of the implications if scenario B, C or D go ahead and 750 homes are built on the edge of Churchdown

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